Nearing the home stretch so we decided to just make a move. We’ve officially cleared three quarters of our original fundraising goal from sales of the first Whirlwind Struggle Comp (and made our first donation!) — That’s $1500 directly into the pocket of United We Dream. To everyone that has picked up a version of the compilation, or just supported United We Dream directly, we give sincere thanks. That being said, Whirlwind Struggle Vol. 1 stocks are running low! Help us clear our goal of $2,000 and grab one of the rippingest extreme music compilations of the decade. Tracks from Cloud Rat, Chepang, Fiend, Fluoride, Drugs of Faith, and so many more wrapped up in one nice little package. Grab what you can now, I promise you this will not be repressed or reissued!

Pick it up here: