October 31, 2017:
Incredibly proud and excited to announce Born Dead Records’ first chapter in its story of grind and death. Another twist on the downward spiral that is this country has brought us Trump in all his narcissistic buffoonery. Naturally, more than a few people are pissed. This is Whirlwind Struggle Vol. 1. All proceeds from the LP will go to Unitedwedream.org. We had the pleasure of speaking to Skinny for artwork to convey the chaos we live in. He has made a name for himself illustrating classics like Napalm Death’s “Mentally Murdered” EP and too many designs for Extreme Noise Terror and Doom to count. We’re honored he would pay homage to one of our favorite records for this project. Lineup announcement coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

November 13, 2017:
It’s that time you’ve all been waiting for. We are lucky enough to have 29 bands submitting tracks to Whirlwind Struggle Vol.1. Some new, some old, some unreleased. We are proud to have them and proud to be able to assist a noble cause like unitedwedream.org. Keep an eye out for a release date. Here’s who you can expect to see on the comp in alphabetical order: Bottomfeeder, Brainpan, Bruised Ego, Charmer, Chepang, Cloud Rat, coke bust, Crystal Methodist, DISINTEGRATION, Drugs of Faith, Embalming Process, Escuela, FIEND, fluoride, Goolagoon, Haggus, Mind as Prison, Murder, Nauseator, Oxidant, Pathogenesis, Perpetuated, Reeking Cross, Sectarian Violence, Secular Media, Sem Hastro, Tomb Warden, Van Hägar, The Vipers.

November 6, 2018:
Whirlwind Struggle Volume I is OUT NOW! 29 crushing bands!!! Long time coming, but after a few dozen set backs and a couple of atrocities later, Born Dead Records' Whirlwind Struggle Vol. 1 is now available! Significant proceeds will go towards United We Dream in an effort to aid all those being persecuted by one of the most blatantly xenophobic administration's in recent memory. Find these records available from participating bands as well as more than a few upcoming local DC shows.

November 14, 2018:
Cassette version of Whirlwind Struggle Vol. I is OUT NOW! Limited to 50 copies. Limited LPs still available as well, colored edition is going fast! Proceeds benefit United We Dream!

March 18, 2019:
Orange copies of the Whirlwind Struggle Comp are sold out!!! Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy! Black vinyl and cassettes still available over in the shop. We're just about 3/4ths of the way to our fundraising goal for United We Dream so far!

May 10, 2019:
Nearing the home stretch so we decided to just make a move. We’ve officially cleared three quarters of our original fundraising goal from sales of the first Whirlwind Struggle Comp (and made our first donation!) — That’s $1500 directly into the pocket of United We Dream. To everyone that has picked up a version of the compilation, or just supported United We Dream directly, we give sincere thanks. That being said, Whirlwind Struggle Vol. 1 stocks are running low! Help us clear our goal of $2,000 and grab one of the rippingest extreme music compilations of the decade. Tracks from Cloud Rat, Chepang, Fiend, Fluoride, Drugs of Faith, and so many more wrapped up in one nice little package. Grab what you can now, I promise you this will not be repressed or reissued!

June 8, 2020:
We’ve dug up some cuts from the crypt to show our support for the ongoing protests both here in DC and around the US. To raise money for the Black Lives Matter DC Legal Fund, we will be raffling the last two test presses of our benefit comp Whirlwind Struggle Volume I. $8 per entry (unlimited entries allowed), and each entry has two chances to win a test. Enter via PayPal or Venmo by 6/20, including your contact info in the notes so we can find you! Names will be drawn on 6/21. This comp has tracks from 29 bands from all over the country, and these two tests are the only ones available to the public. As a benefit comp it only makes sense that we continue to use this release to support those who need it. Born Dead Records supports Black Lives Matter and the abolishment of police.

June 21, 2020:
Thanks to everyone who entered the test press raffle! Congrats to @kruelov and @hilariousskeletons. You guys get the last two tests of Whirlwind Struggle Vol. I! We were able to raise $168 for the BLM DC legal fund. Thanks again to everyone that participated.