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Matt Scott

Whirlwind Struggle Vol. I Update

Nearing the home stretch so we decided to just make a move. We’ve officially cleared three quarters of our original fundraising goal from sales of the first Whirlwind Struggle Comp (and made our first donation!) — That’s $1500 directly into the pocket of United We
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Deterioration / Under Attack / Needle in DC

Summer grind insanity hits DC with Deterioration, Under Attack and Needle! Flyer by Matt Scott. MAY 28th @ Slash Run!!! Crowbars Up & Ripping Headaches present... Deterioration Under Attack (VA. Members of Suppression and Discordance Axis) Needle 8:30PM $10 Slash Run 201 Upshur St NW Washington,
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Innumerable Forms / Bog Body / Perpetuated in DC

Ripping Headaches and Crowbars Up bring more death metal heavy hitters to the district! FRIDAY, JULY 26th @ Atlas Brew Works!!! TICKETS ON SALE THIS WEDNESDAY: FormsDC.Brownpapertickets.com Ripping Headaches & Crowbars Up presents... Innumerable Forms (Profound Lore Records) https://innumerableforms.bandcamp.com/ Bog Body (NYC.
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Acquisition - Unconditional Death Demo

Out Now! - BDR018 The debut demo from Washington, DC d-beat punks! Unconditional Death features five uncompromising tracks from members of Coke Bust, Genocide Pact, Tomb Warden & more. Extremely limited - Listen below and grab a copy here! Unconditional Death Demo 2019 by Acquisition
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